Stereotypes will not rule my life

The girl that everyone sees is the girl that is confused about life in general. She is the love of her life, she is the dreamer, the lover, the helper, there are to many words to say about her. 

She may be a blonde haired blue eyed sixteen year old, but deep down she is a human being. She isnt the stereotypes everyone seems to make her out to be. Inside all that blood and cells is a heart full of so much love that wants to burst out. She is the girl that she could see herself being happy. She battled mental issues all her life and was very distant with tons of people but she showed herself that she could conquer anything. She is a lover not a fighter but mentally she can be a fighter. Her body will never break for she knows there is always one person who will love the world even when the world starts to kill us all. 


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