Stereotypes Staring Down On Me

Who we are is who we will be

The only one to change that is the voice inside of me

The voice telling you right from wrong

The voice telling you that you don't belong

You have to decide what you will let that voice say

Will it say you are worthless?

Will you say ok?

Will it tell you he loves you?

Will you think it's a lie?

Will it tell you to leave?

Will you say goodbye?

In the end you choose

You choose when to listen and when to deny

That little voice that screams from inside

But what does it know who does it please?

No one, that's who

And it definitely does not please you

So fight that voice

You can overcome

Because by taking that step

Half of the war is won

The step in the right direction can heal all the pain

So that no pleasure that little voice can gain

Fight the voice and fight it hard

Because stereotypes are not who you are

Don't live up to expectations of society

Go above and beyond

Becasue you my friend are






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