The steps to learning how to save yourself

1. When your having a bad day, take a deep breath it's important to know that everythings always okay in the end.

2.Take a shower, wash off the horrors of your day.

3.Get in your favorite pajamas

4.Grab a mug of tea to bring to bed, nothing soothes the mind and the soul more then a hot cup of tea.

5.Shut off all the lights but keep the lamp on, you need the dark and quiet, face your thoughts its the only way to fix them, But your going to need the lamp in order to write.

6.Grab a pen in your favorite ink color wheter it be pink or yellow, just please don't grab black this isn't school this is your life you're writing about, don't you dare choose JUST black ink.

7.Take an empty book and write about your day. Write about what made it so horrible. Write why you're stressed out and why for a moment today you felt like you were drowning, why you felt like you couldn't breathe.

8.Now once you're done writing about all your problems and you feel more free. Write a list of all the things you're greatful for in life, people or items. I promise no matter how low you feel you have something someone else would kill for. You need to be thankful for that.

9.When you got out all your late night thoughts and you feel safe to live in your own head again, go to sleep with the hope and knowledge of a better tomorrow.

10.No matter how often you feel like this, know there will be days you feel like a million bucks and problems work themself out with a little push from you. Repeat as necessary.



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