Step By Step

I'm not walking because I'm going somewhere
I'm walking forwards
I'm not walking to show them what I can do
I'm walking to show them what I won't do
I have peace within my soul
Each step I take
The burden on my back gets heavier
But with each step I take
I grow stronger
My limbs are aflame with the fire of a dove carrying a green branch
They have blue eyes while mine are brown
They have red hair while I have black
They have cream for skin when I have chocolate
Are we that different, really?
And still I am walking
Always forward
Step by step
With palms facing the bright blue sky
Hope in our eyes
Step by step
Friend by friend
Step by step
Keep your eyes on the prize

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When I wrote this poem, I was thinking about the freedom walks led by Martin Luther King Jr. and how the peace and non violence of it was the right answer.

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