The Step-Sister

I’m a brown eyed girl,

Perfectly average,

Was never enough for the prince.

It may have seemed like I had it all,

But all I wanted,

Was a kiss,

Upon my lips.

My dream was never a reality,

Cinder snatched it from me,

Along with my happiness.


Never the queen,

I couldn’t even have been called a lady in waiting.

I was destined to be,

Little old average me.


Tried as might,

To fulfill my wishes.

I cut off my toes,

To make the prince see,

He was the one for me.


Now I’m all alone,

And without my toes.

I mutilated myself for love,

But that doesn’t matter.

Everyone sees me,

For what I’m not,

I’m the evil step-sister.

Little do they know,

I’m also the one,

With the broken heart.

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