Step of Faith



Uncontrollably over analyzing the situation that was in front of me

Only thoughts that was in my mind was about the person that I used to be

Acting like I coulda see when in actuality I was binded and blinded by my media contaminated perception of reality

Like really..........
I was lying to myself
And trying to pretend
That I was comfortable in sin

Or was I just comfortably insecure that I couldn't realize
that God had something more in store that the Demons despised

As my Savior broke my ties
I placed each step before my eyes
And my blood pressure began to rise
Cause my thoughts were being purified of all the lies
that were clogged inside my veins

Only His truth remained
There was this feeling I couldn't contain much less explain

No, seriously.. A chill was on my spine because my heart knew that this is what God wanted for mankind

I was about to give my soul to the true King
And my dimmed light on the hill was shining and I was smiling like *bing*
Or maybe not bing, cause technically I didn't have to search anymore
I was about to be connect to the direct answer and power source
With no bill to pay cause I knew the wages of my sins had been cleared when I stepped into the aisle way

Romans 1:16 Forever unashamed is where I'll stay
All glory to Most High that will forever reign on the throne
Even after the judgement day, a time that a hurricane Irene cant postpone
But I just want you to hold on to my message
And be moved to walk souly for the God of the narrow passage


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