Steady as she goes


United States
41° 42' 16.8768" N, 72° 40' 27.2856" W

I need someone to talk to
To tell my deepest feelings to
Instead I joke all the time
to forget the pain I feel from you

If I decide to open up
I'm unsure of the outcome
But maybe someone like me is out there
or am I the only one?

My life is a yellow light
I'm moving at a steady pace
while everyone else has taken flight

I try my hardest, but I don't know if it's enough
Is there more I should be doing?
My life is rough

I do what I'm supposed to, and I do what I can,
but while the world spins, I fell like I'm going nowhere

I'm stuck waiting for others to do for me what I can't

I need this yellow light to turn green in my life
I have goals to accomplish
My future is bright



I glad you wrote this. It was beautifully written.

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