Thu, 08/16/2012 - 18:45 -- Cece22

a disease that give my so much pain i say the lords name in vain
because i got an std it doesnt feel good
but it was good when i was fucking you
a disease that can lead to HIV it aint a game its not the same on tv
this is real it aint a fucking fairy tale
this aint no damn game
it aint the same like you see on tv
boys and girls we living in a crazy world we livin in people triflin
doing the mean thing to me or to you
do me a favor and put on the rubber before you do what you gonna do
because skin touching skin and worth hurt you
because it can kill you hurt you
hurt me
hurt anybody
it called a sexual transmitted disease
remember skin touching can kill you
or parts of you turn green black or blue
are these things are the stuff you wanna
go throught stds are not a game these are the things that cause fucking pain
i feel like im going insane shit gonnerhea syphillis take not do miss this cause redness and itches
it just dirty dish stds arent fun so people you some fucking protection like a condom

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This poem speaks about a critical issue, that more people should take notice of, and I am sure that this poem can definitely serve as a teaching tool for these types of instances.

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