stayed up

They say that to get to sunshine,
You have to go through rain. 
But why would you enter the eye of a storm, knowing that all that is possible is causing pain? Everyone says someday it'll be worth it, but they all lied...
Because everything turns out the same. Same people who preach loyalty are the same ones that leave you feeling betrayed, walking on a tight vein because all your heart strings are frayed. 
Taste the blood in the back of your throat, bile rising up at the thought of being alone and you'd go to your safe place but lately, nothing feels like home. 
Flick my ashes, stomp me out, leaving only the residue of the toxic doubt. As it seems, everything I'm afraid of turns out to be everything you are made of.. and my pieces are strung across the room, and the sheets and the infected walls are all stained up, 

Oh, how I wish I wouldn't have stayed up.

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