To Stay Or To GO

Mon, 03/11/2019 - 00:50 -- isidred

To stay or to go, that is the question

Is it nobler to stay and endure the pain he puts on you

because of the love you have for him, 

or go and not tolerate such belittlement to a heart as pure as gold

To stay, desensitized—-which is what happens every time you hear an excuse.

peircing your heart with his words every time he speaks, 

and still you feel nothing

Your dream of having a happy home and loving your best friend 

Has turned into your worst nightmare.

To stay , or being a ride or die 

hoping he will see you love him despite of all his flaws.

Hoping one day he will wake up and stop. Diminishing you 

But hoping leads to another heartbreak 

And heartbreak leads to the cycle youve been repeating

all these years—— love, hope, and depression.

To stay or to go that is the question

Leaving is what everyone says they would do,

but when it comes to love you will do anything just to get that same energy in return

But staying is for the brave

Staying is for the ones who have faith in their partner. 


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