133 mass shootings. 
133 situations where police
Called loved ones,
To come in and to identify
The bodies of victims who 
Never asked
Never wanted
Never seeked
The unfathomable end
They received by
Someone else's hand.

207 dead as of June 12th, 2016
207 lives cut short
Stopped in their tracks 
Stopped from succeeding and
Making positive and happy change
All because why?
They were different?
They had nothing to do with what
The terrorists envisioned
In their demented realities?
Or was it because of already
Instilled hate and ignorance 
Of the the society we choose
to live by and live under?

Dozens of lives,
Dozens of futures,
Cut down too young 
Too quick
Because of no damn good reason
Other than 
No one has control over
The evil 
The twisted 
The terrible 
That runs rampant through 
A broken system

When will there be change?
When will things be fixed? 
When will I not have to live
In fear of becoming 
Just another statistic?


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