Static (9.27.16)

the radio static

lashing out above my head

echoes my thoughts, my feelings, my mind right now.

there’s just too much rushing around at once

that nothing can come through quite clear enough.

a mess in my head of monsters and pain,

of death and rage, over life itself.

the thoughts and the darkness




through my heart and soul once more.

and somehow I keep

a mask on my face

hiding the static that starts to race

in my mind behind all the fake

smiles and harsh


walking faster as if to run away

from help

that hounds me


this is my battle isn’t it?


“no,” they all say,

“we share your pain

this sorrow you feel from death’s cruel embrace

you can’t go this alone

it’s too much to bear

the static in your mind

though it seems otherwise

can be fixed

can be helped

you just need to allow it

and submit to the love


with a few turns of a knob

a few minutes searching

you’ll clear that static

and find a station worth listening to”


This poem is about: 
My community


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