State of the Union Address

State of the Union Address

Festering like a cancer deep in the
marrow of one's soul,
the complexities of one's inclinations
as she opts to fulfill her own ambitions...
the worth of human life becomes moot,
fruits that she bears are fruits
rotten to its core.

She orchestrates her aim for elite status
and capital gain
through works of compassion for God's creation,
however, this is really mere delusional ideations...
her path is stained by lasciviousness and gluttony,
diluting the hopes that others once bore
for this freedom land.

Many liken her to modern day Babylonia
or Sodom and Gomorrah,
the beating pulse of her existence
is seldom genuine...
Certainly, she does hold some empathy,
duly bare through her forbearance
for the absurdities of mankind.
Daunting and distrusting...
Paradoxical and parasitical...
Because it's in this vein that she works her evils.
And for her my heart bleeds.


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