Stars, Stripes, and Knees.

Do you know how it feels to be black? Keeping one eye over your back.
The cops stopped my brothers and I in our tracks. "Hey, where are you heading?" We were heading home where prejudice and racial injustice did not exist.
Why did he deem us to be thugs? I was in college and my brothers were coming home from a shift from work.
Did he know us? Did he know how much this hurt?
He stopped us because we were a group of black men.
So, do you know it feel to be black?
Before you give your opinion. Before you open your mouth, do you know how it feel?
I get looked at weird when I walk in a store. Do they think I am going to steal? Damn, I just put in 50hrs of work this week. Do they know how I feel? I just wanted a pair of pants for my friend's wedding.
Don't tell me that I do not love this country because I decided to kneel. This country is as much as mine as it is yours.
Before you write what YOU think, do you know how the oppressed feel?
"Why can't blacks peacefully protest?"
Ok, we'll peacefully kneel.
"You're doing it wrong! Get up on your feet and put your hand over the left side of your chest."
Ignorance only gets you so far. So do you know how it feel....?
Not because you KNOW a couple of black people, but do you really KNOW. Can you walk in my size 11 shoe? My stories of racial injustice are not fabricated. It's real. So, tell me, do you know how I feel?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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