Stars, Moon, and The Plants


Sun and Moon
By Its Side Are The Stars
People Say That The Stars Are Just Extra To Make The Bigger Planets Brighter
There's No Wrong Answer
But I Do Say A Better Saying Than That

Stars Sparkle
Shimmer Twinkle And Yes Indeed
Are By The Planets Side
The Way I See It Is Definitely Different
You, The ________ Are The Big Planets
Me, ______ And ________
Equaling To The Stars



This is for anyone that loves the stars and can relate to anyone;family, friends, for him/heranyone you desire.

I love the universe space and everything about it. I see it like a painting, that has been splattered across it's universal space zone. 

Everyone adores the brightness, the different colors bringing moments within the atmosphere. 

I feel like I'm writing another poem, so I'll stop here. 


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