Before the Stars Go


By Matthew J. Resendez

I once gazed at the stars

that floated in the eternal black sea

swimming leisurely

like fire flies withering in a jar.


I marveled before their endless majesty

the way they danced to eternity's melody

Imprisoned by gravity’s vast  reservoir


Their perplexed stares fell upon me,

asking how can something be so small.

So they broke me, with their serenity,

slicing my belly and examining my

human repertoire,

seeing the thousand tints of anguish and joy that resided in my soul.


They felt pity for me, and whispered

something that left me bewildered  

the black sea will return

it is hungry and ready to purge.


Our time is borrowed,

sadly not leaving time for sorrow.

But that doesn’t mean tomorrow is lost .

We must look to the Sun

for it will always burn

to fight the night with its boundless bright.


Tomorrow might not happen

but yesterday surely did

a matchless still in a projector’s light

brink and you might miss it, but if you catch it smile

because its ours


You see the black sea only needs to feed

because its empty:

but we are not


We maybe temporary

but we happened, by God we happened







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