The Stars Are My Start

I move the sliding door out of my way. I step down onto the balcony as the warm summer night breeze touches my skin as if to welcome me as this wonderful celebration begins. My eyes are only tempted to look up at the dark sky. But as they adjust, the infinite space that lies before me isn't so dark anymore. The truly twinkly stars paint the sky. The more I look, the more I see. The light goes on and on. Each second I stare, another star grabs my heart. I am floating. I am alive. I am living beneath the stars, but the stars are a part of me. My body fully engaged by the everlasting sparkle of the night. I can feel the stars. Those big balls of gas. Those giant collections of heat. Living happily beyond our world. They fill my body and raise me up. I run and then leap. I leave all my worries behind. All doubts and burdens disappear. I am as light as the air that lifts me off my feet. I am soaring. The light is in my reach. My hand can almost touch it. My tongue can taste freedom. I turn to the right and see a special glow. Surrounded by a diamond of stars, Saturn lays still within the galaxy. My heart almost leaves me on earth. I dream of what it's like out there. How there are other planets, others worlds, other universes. I no longer feel incapable of things. I no longer want to sit still and let the world spin without me giving it a little push. The power of the light so far away gives me the strength to not waste another day. I can be as lovely as the stars. So peaceful and bright. So big with such might. I can be the light that leads the way. The one the others can look up to. I can be more than I can dream. The possibilities are as endless as the stars. I am still soaring. It's been forever now. What is this life I have been living? I don't want it anymore. Why don't my days feel like this night? It needs to change. I can be better. It's what I'm longing for. I fail to find the answers as my body starts to fall. My feet hit the balcony wood. It's over now. The ocean breeze brushes my face. I walk back towards the inside. My eyes slipping into reality. But not yet. I turn my head. Raise my hand to the light, grab the brightest star, bring it to my lips, and kiss it goodnight.


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