Stars and Intimacy

Lets go outside, on a starry night. Lets lay in the grass, holding each other tight. Lets close our eyes and begin to dream. The possibilities are endless, we can go to the moon or even down stream. Let's open our eyes, and look into each others. Now we see the innermost desires of our lovers. Its just you and I. Tonight we're gonna touch the sky. Come away with me my darling, in my eyes is where your dreams lie. Enter me and don't leave until you're there. Through this we shall enter a world where there are no cares. This place is magical, wondrous, and filled with beauty. No longer will our days be morbid and gloomy. For a moment our inhibitions diminish. We encounter a chance to be fully replenished. We have awakened a love so pure, so tender. Our minds combine and we dwell in romantic splendor. From this night forward, never leave my side. Our hearts are one, and in one flesh we abide.


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