Starry night Lovers

Thu, 08/24/2017 - 07:59 -- Neftee

My girl is like a starry night.
But without the bleakness.
And only the stars.
Sometimes there are clouds,
But they are clouds of anxiety
That cover up the light and glints
Of fiery spikes of planets.
Canned up with doubt
And stout stacks of problems
That no man could sifted through
So we don't.
But when the clouds rain they make crying look beutiful,
And misery look fun.
Cause I would rather be a mess with her, then masterpeice alone,
Or a an oganized binder with someone else.
My girl is a starry night.
The kind you gaze at,
The kind that makes you feel small.
Cause somewhere in her massive galaxy,
She found a place for me.


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