The stars glimmer in the night sky

Millions of miles away

Their light, a relic of the past, a distant memory of a time before it all

The same stars we look up to describe beauty, physical or internal of that who we love;

But even in time that person we love,like that light, becomes a memory of the time spent together

The star stays frozen in time, its beauty radiating; in memories that person remains unchanged, Little snippets of joy, sadness, and just of sheer excitement

You think they will never be gone, you even go out and yell “where has she been my whole life?”

To the very stars that glimmer like that memory

You spend months slowly but surely becoming enamored with that person, going out of your way

Just to make that person the star in your life

You remember the warmth of their embrace, the moments where the world seemed to melt Away around them

The moments are like starlight, relics of the past that are still shining long after the source of the light has dimmed away


Just like that, the star begins to fade away, leaving you behind.

As the star began to leave my life, I couldn’t help but remember the moments I had with her

Then a cold, sinking feeling took root; the feeling that it’s over,

The consolation is that starlight, the one that is slowly dimming away

All I could hope for, is that someday I’ll find another star, maybe even the star that left

and once again be radiated by its warmth

and engulfed by its essence, its beauty

Someday I’ll find my star, someday I will find it.  

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Stormie Shadle

very well done


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