Staring Back

Mon, 05/05/2014 - 12:44 -- aoakley

Tears fill my eyes, while pain fills my heart

I feel a knot growing in my stomach

I feel sick as my soul goes dark

I look into the mirror

Who is that? It cannot be me

I eye the stranger, I feel disgusted

I watch as her hands touch her stomach

As she lifts her shirt I cannot look away

It’s right there, a flab on indecency

I want to be sick. I want to look away

I then see the darkness from with in

But I look up and see its me

I cry soft sobs as I look again

What has become of me?

How can this be?

I kick the mirror and it shatters to the floor

I watch my self-fade away I pick up a shard

I looked myself in eye as I said goodbye

Now I will forever only see the dark


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