StarGirl777: The Alien of the Universe


United States
40° 44' 28.7988" N, 73° 54' 13.1364" W

We, aliens, come in peace!
My name is StarGirl777, but you can call me StarGirl.

Where I am from is not where you, life forms, are from.
I am from the stars of the Universe; I am from the life of the planets!
Where I am from, I am the planet I call my home; I am the hope of my planet, because I bring serene happiness to my extraterrestrial aliens!
I am what you call it, “an alien”; I am from nobody like you (not even the other aliens on our planet, and no life form can change what I’ve become to be)!
Where are you from?

Anyway…Welcome to my planet, my home!
Our planet’s name is “Zari”;
It means SPARKLE in our alien language. I named it!
Its name is true for the way it sparkles in the night sky.

Me, Myself and I!
I, StarGirl, am an astronomer, easier for you to exclaim that I am a scientist. I look for things beyond the Universe such as the thing beyond our imagination.
I know I am too small to work, but I have to admit I love to have advance knowledge. In other words, I work just for fun!

I have an alien family!
My mom, LovingMom777, works as a real estate agent;
She sells acres and acres of land for magic water.
My dad, GenerousDad777, works as a doctor;
He helps other aliens from other planets get cured for magic water.
My middle sister, QueenJewel777, is nine light years old.
My baby sister, SweetShona777, is four light years old.
I adore them very much!

We, aliens, come in peace!
How ‘bout you?


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