There's stardust in my soul and galaxies in my eyes
My flesh is made from crumbled pieces of ancient asteroids
My heart beats in time with the turn of the earth and there's dark matter living in my veins
I am as old as the universe and as young as a newborn star
I spin with the milky way, twirling and twirling forever on in a dance of clouds and dustI must be made of star stuff because what else could explain the way the night sky calls to mePulls me towards the blackness, engulfing me in eternity and mystery
I am ancient and infinite and new and violent and beautiful and strange
The universe makes its home behind my heart, behind my eyes,
Softly calling to me
Come home, come home, come home
The sun shines from underneath my skin
The moon pulls at my blood like the ocean tides
Black holes whisper to me the secrets of the infinite and quasars promise me the answers to questions I don't knowMy soul burns like a dying sunMy lungs breathe nebulae like oxygenIn and out and in and out as steady as the universeI am made of light from a million, billion starsA skin and bones embodiment of the world beyond our skies 


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