Star-Crossed Lovers


Young Juliet wasn't looking for another boy to fall in love with.

Her heart was already tainted and broken by the last boy claiming to be a man.


Young Romeo was looking for a new flower to cherish and treat right. The last flower drove him crazy because all she wanted was to be attached to him every second of the day. It was time to break ties with her and keep his distance.


Little did Juliet know by posting a picture on Instagram would grab the attention of one of her followers. 

It started off with a quick conversation that let her into exchanging numbers and building a connection with this one. She didn't know that he was the infamous Romeo until they shared late nights conversations and seeing each other's face over the phone.


We don't know what was Romeo's plan. 

Was he looking for a friend, a lover or someone to make his ego happy and satisfied?

Was Juliet looking to fall in love again or find a guy- friend? 


Each time they converse about each other she started to feel happy and opened to yet concealed with fear.


Romeo and Juliet finally got to see each other in person when he took her on her first date with a guy and it was amazing to see her laugh and smile and it wasn't forced. 

Romeo must of known what to ask and say to get her to be open and safe because he help this flower shine towards the sun.

It seemed like a thousand doves and butterflies left her stomach when he kissed her on he lips so passionate and he knew how to do it , which caught her off guard.


And once they get together again it was made official. Romeo was looking for a girlfriend and Juliet knew that she didn't a man to treat her heart like a delicate flower. 


And the two star-crossed lovers are happy and content.

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Please continue to express your life your heart and your soul! Keep sharing!

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