Star Buddy

(After John Straley's every single day)


Suppose you heard the words 'star buddy'

just passingly as you're walking by.

Or maybe the word 'hummingbird'

slips into your mind.

Would you think of me?


What about

the special moments we shared?

Would my smiling face flash

like a camera flash instantly

here and gone?

Or would the memories stick?

Would the feelings

of a first kiss shared wash by?

Would a collage

of sweet words and puppy love

play through your mind?


You will always be my first thought.

Your smile as we ride the silly kiddy ride

round and round.

Our slow and loving dance

as we sway to the beat

of a song that tells our story.

The incredible feeling

of waking up in your bed

after falling asleep for just a few minutes,

then leaning down

Gently holding your face

Our lips touch.


I know it's hard to believe right now

especially when you are sitting

in your room

with those spiteful words

just glaring you down

from your phone.


Just moments ago

cooing sweet goodbyes,

thinking about the love we lost.


But not every story has a bitter ending

full of regret and broken promises.

Even when it takes time,

most stories end with





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