The Star


A star shining so bright yet ignored
Waiting on a chance to be noticed
While sitting in the background 
Watching as his chance fades away Something caught the star's attention
Something beautiful and glistening
A girl's tear streaming down her flawless young face
The star worried
How could something so angelic be weeping so heavily He would watch the young girl sometimes
He would hear her sob at night 
He hated that he couldn't wipe the tears from her graceful face
"I want to just fall down from this wretched sky and save her" he would tell himself The star's dream came true
Falling from the sky and just popping into the young girl's life
Neither of them knowing this was fate
This was love. For them both they fell at first site
They would be together 
No matter what came in between them
No matter the troubles they face
Together they will be
Loving each other till
Their dying day.


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