Standing Stars

When did the stars stop shining?

When did they disappear.

Why is everyone always finding,

A thing to find wrong here.


The blood on our flag,

adds to the foundation of our land.

Then why do our hearts drag,

when we ask our people to stand.


To stand for the poor.

To stand for the broken.

To stan for the unfortunate,

and all the outspoken.


To stand for the lack.

The lack of support,

no matter if white or if black.


To stand for the people,

and stan for our nation.

Some say "it's not our problem"

but "we're all in the same situation."


We long for change.

Yet we don't stand.

For what we believe in,

or what we've planned.


Where did the stars go,

on our spangled banner?

Time will only tell.


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