Wed, 08/07/2013 - 22:24 -- Bedarc


I often wonder if those who have succeeded

walk among us

if they follow, invisible in our footprints

remaining unseen


I have aspired countless years to become


to sink quietly into the shadows

to dance among


fate forces alternatives

it makes deals with my heart

behind my back

but nothing will ever be if you break

they want me to take breaths


in reality - or somewhere near it -

nothing will ever be 

there will always be someone stronger

more translucent than I



I am drowning in the breaths


I want to walk among the ranks

of these people

I want to walk among their colors 

their blues that blend perfectly

into the sky

into the sea


we will dance among the broken

the ones that live in the rubble of this place

100% opacity


we will watch the crumbling masses

of those not strong enough

to be visible

to be invisible


and we, invisible few, will trick their eyes

play with their hearts

while we sit 

and feel the sun

the silence


idly staring at my paper

captivated by their swirling, cotton colors

in the sea fallen marble faces


I realize

I don’t want to fall anymore

The invisible do not fall.


I want to be known for


among the dulled walls

broken bodies

constant noise


clearly the universe has other plans


in my Half Forgotten existence

I stare out the window and faintly see them

dancing and living and Standing

while everything around us is crumbling


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