That's what we all want
To be the alpha dogs
To be the best
The greatest
And sometimes
It feels essential
Like we need perfection in our lives
But the truth is
Excellence isn't excellent at all
Its the hardest road to travel on
And the easiest way to become lost in life
No lisence
And the authority always after you
No choice but to take the ride
Look into the mirror
Tell ourselves we are going to be perfect
One day
Each day try to better ourselves
But realize we will never be good enough
We can never be real and true
Without being fake and plastic
Without burning like moths in a flame
We can strive to be excellent
But we will never be excellent
We will be something more
Noone goes on a journey
Just for the destination
Noone reads for the assignment
No we do this
For the simple fact we love it
Ambitious little beings
And self-improvment
Is as "excellent " as it gets

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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