Stand Up


Alone in white she stands,

tounge knoted whlile she clasps her shakey hands,

Lies pour out of their mouths iike rocks in a dirty waterfall,

she gets tossed around like a used up ragdoll.

Roaring like a brave lion she comes alive,

no more messes uncleaned- she takes a dive.

"Stop! Stop!" She screams with all her might,

as the sun appears from the night.

Her voice loud as a sea of waves,

standing up for herself-she will no longer live in dirty caves.

So she doesn't do drugs,drink or smoke,

why does that make her a joke?

Proud of her morals she smiles wide,

she is now on top of the world while the vile lies died.

Here's a story for all-don't be afraid,

just because your not like them doesn't mean you were wrongfully made.




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