Wed, 03/13/2019 - 18:37 -- BekahSz

Fear freezes me to the spot
The lights create heat on my face
I'm scared
Absolutely horrified
This is my one chance
I can't mess this up
A solo
It's just me at the front of the stage
A chorus behind me
They're swaying to the music they make
Should I sway
I try to sway, but my knees quake
I'm sure I look like a fool
My solo is about to start
I remember that I was chosen for a reason
They think I'm good enough
With one quick glance at the choir behind me
The first note bursts from within me
I'm still shaking, but my notes are smooth
I'm singing the solo perfectly
I know that I'll mess up the last note
I know it's too high for me
But I do it anyways
It's slightly sharp, but I got up there
The song is over and I feel great
Next time I know I'll be ready

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