My heart starts racing my lips being to shiver my legs began to disconnects and fall into panic mode. My voice shakes... I can see out of the corner of my eye a young lady watching me as I open  up the most sacred part me I sit there wide open. I begin singing my favorite tune with a scratchy voice and watering eyes As i continue my throat closes up and a light pathetic applause follows.. I drag myself with my feet  my head down waiting for the magic word to make me disappear. Soon after the worst song starts to play my ears shatter like glass. My tears start flowing. When it finally comes to an end. I don't run. I walk as fast as I can like i’m trying to avoid the plague. I open the door to isolation lie down on the half comfortable couch in front of me. My thoughts consume every inch of my body I hear footsteps in the hall dipping into the carpet reminding me of how weak i am. A tall beautiful blonde women figure approaches me with tough love  and confidence i sit up with every bone telling me not to. I look down feeling ashamed she tells me bodly yet softly

“Make eye contact with me”

I look up and a presence within me me starts to uprise . I drop everything. Moments pass and I go to school in math classIi write this poem, yeah its a bad idea but i'm here i dont give up take my natural pain reliever. Poetry!


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