On Stage


Every single mingling particle harnessing its power against me this hour 
rushing and hushing my wishes 
so vicious 
they run to stun me 
they gun me down 
seek my frown 
my head spins around 
such minuscule troubles are the pinnacle in this town 
I hold my tears and fold the fears deep in my cold soul of rolling turbulence 
I take a breath 
I take a step 
and I'm

On Stage

On Stage its a new page 
the age is now 
the crowd is wowed 
when I speak my lines in perfect time 
in perfect rhyme 
in an imperfect smile 
that fools the kind out before me 
I soak the glory I take a bow 
I face the ground 
I turn back up and face the cheers 
my fears completely disappeared 
for I am here 
and I am nowhere near tears


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