They say we make the path we choose

I don't know where I'm going.

If you don't win, you'll always lose

I need some tell and showing.


Luckily, I've two good feet

With good sense of direction.

I'm loud and proud, not too discreet.

I make my own prescriptions.


I'm a nine-hundred foot tower

Yet need solid foundation.

Friends and family give me power

Love, support, and sensation.


I'm conflicted and I'm scared

About things I can't control.

I need some truths among the dares,

A caring hand to hold.


I try to keep an open mind

My brain is always buzzing.

Ready to leave the past behind,

But I don't know what's coming


I need some bumpers on my lane,

Rebuttals for my bias.

I need people to keep me sane.

Real friends are truly priceless.


Stability is that simple word

That needs its own support.

I'm flying high around the world

Without a passport.


I need someone to be my map

Someone to be my guide,

Someone strong to hold me back,

Someone wise to help me fly.



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