S**t I Can’t Say To My Teacher


I love my school, I love my class

But you my teacher can kiss my ass

Like when you think that it’s OK

To teach me nothing for the day


And give me homework every night

When I don’t know which answer’s right

And then tutor me after school

And still leave me a clueless fool


See that’s the problem; you don’t teach

You just like to scorn and preach

In years what progress have we made?

We judge our children with a grade


Simply because of scores on a test

Our children are labeled “the worst” or “the best”

What gives you the right to tell me what I am

Are character traits academically dammed


If Hitler had an “A” and I had a “C”

Would your system still treat us both equally?

Of course not, you’d favor the one with an “A”

That’s why your system is flawed to this day


If you really cared then you’d really teach

You’d actually practice what you preach

You’d teach us in class and let us rest at night

You’d actually show me which answers are right


Grade students by progress and not by a test

Understand that no child is “the best”

Teach practically and apply it as well

Don’t treat your students like products to sell


Judge not by our heads but by what’s in our hearts

By our God-given wisdom and not by “who’s smart”

Life isn’t a game; we’re not pawns to be played

We’re all individuals and by God we were made


- Ian White





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