Squeeze Until I am Dead

You took my heart without me

You do not love you just play

You're blind to the pain you cause me

I will get my heart back maybe

You act like you hate me

You care but you hide it

Why won't you set me free

All I ask is for you to be done with me

You have my heart in your hand

I can feel the way your grip

So please just squeeze until I am dead

You can let go when the blood will no longer drip

I never wanted you to take my heart

I never wanted you to play with me that way

I knew you would just rip me apart

I knew you would finish and throw me away

So you stand with my heart in your hand

I felt your hateful grip tightened

So just squeeze until I am dead

So in this life I will no longer be frightened

Let the blood run down your hand

You set me free now I am dead.

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