A youth lost in his own world

forgetting their problems

forgetting their lives

but who is going to save them

only the husbands and wives


mothers and fathers see their child

in a world that they feel is entitled

but they know the dangers of the world

and it is worse in a world so false


What can they do?

They want to help their child

keep them safe

like a real parent should

but they don’t see everything

nothing that was

nothing that could


the world their children love is false

it’s not one that they can have true

but what can they say but to take it away

well now, i guess i can tell you.



a program of total sight

it lets you see all

your child typed

a program not known

for being too kind

a last resort

in the parental mind


if they feel that you’re not safe

it’s their right

they choose what they do

and you should not fight

when the parent views what you do it’s a choice

they will think of for a long time before even trying

they will worry what they do is wrong

and hurry to try

because in the end they want you safe

the dangers are true

they want you alive

the dangers are true

and you may just die.


be thankful they care

enough to try

when you are there

trying to feed them a lie

they want the truth

the honest mistakes

they don’t want to scold you

they want to keep you safe

it’s what they do as parents

that’s the best thing

they’re doing their jobs

and they do it to help

or else you may be hurt

they do their jobs

to keep you safe

in the world of the internet

where you like to waste.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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