Spoken Words

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 22:34 -- Dee33

Words flow from my lips

But they are meaningless.

It's my eyes that tell the story,

My heart that  plays the aria.

My body dances the ballet.


But its my words,

My words draw attention,

to who I am.

They draw attention 

To my story, aria and ballet.


Words are simply sounds,

Designed for human comprehension.

But these meaningless sounds,

Have turned into modes of transportation.

My words take you 

To where I want you to be.

See my love flies us into the sky.

My anger drives us off a cliff.

My sadness walks us up to the rippling tide.


My words draw you into me.

Watch me dance my ballet

And act in my personal play.

My words follow an unknown script.

And lead to an end no one knows.

But my words get us one step closer

To finding my unknown finale.

To my grand exit

to match my grand entrance.


My meaningless sounds

Create a painting of emotion,

A diagram of logic

And a sculpture of innovation.


So you see words are meaningless,

We add meaning to these sounds.

A words alone is nothing.

A spoken word is power.

Spoken word is a vehicle.

Be careful how you wield your power.

And watch how you drive your vehicle.


Signed your Puppet Master,



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