Spoken word on the Theological Illiteracy of the American Church

I heard about someone who discouraged a brother from going to seminary

He had his reasons, but I think those reasons revealed more of the man and the immediate gratifying, grace only, grotesque, gratitude that this man had for the very word of God. He said people go to seminary to answer questions that nobody is asking. Since nobody is asking about these things, we should all just go right into ministry. Hmm


Dear American church,


I know you have become wired to hear voices from the Lord and deem them inspired, hired by wealth and fired by doctrinal purity, absurdity perhaps marks your ministries and the infantries of your calamities might claim to be the vessels that the Lord would speak through, dream through, and do everything through, but I have heard no message. I guess I have little faith. I guess I can only move a mustard seed and plead that the inspired would feed my greed so as to impede against the creed that followed from the church fathers wounded to bleed. What I mean is, I have only 66 words. Have you heard each one the study and love of the beauty that God would incarnate His word and make His duty that through the hand of man we would know truly who He is and what He has done, the Son uncreated working in perfect harmony with the Father and Spirit can you hear it, not because of Hinn, but Him deliverance from wrath and our sin. Yet, although you believe you perceive that to know more about God is like the Pharisee and how dare I see that His word reveals much more than a ticket out of hell oh well, I guess the church does not need to protect against Rob Bell, they yell with books and speeches that the word of God has been impeached and even those who hold to His word are now saying the study of it is absurd — my ears they sting with this whispering of cowards who cannot take one look into the history of the blessed church and see the bloodshed on the head of those who claim, “we are the bride free from stain.” And so we go to seminary because we are asking the questions nobody else will and not just to fulfill credits and times of regrets that leave us bankrupt accruing mountains of debts, but because the Lord’s precepts are more precious than gold and honey man keep your money. Here is the question nobody is asking, why is the church illiterate? I guess I’ll take a bitter hit by urging the Bride to know the One in whom they are to abide. Don’t forgive my pride in Jesus of His love not wide, nobody curses me for trying to get to know my wife. I guess the reformation and every attempt for the church to be conformed from one image of glory is just a nice little story to read at bedtime when the church is facing a dead time of doctrinal decay and therein nobody is being motivated correctly to fight in the night by reflecting the day. I say, maybe nobody is asking about the hypostatic union. Maybe the church is not asking because we often fail to inhale the whole counsel ourselves.  No one else is to blame. We are the teachers, our judgment and shame is a church that cannot remember if Romans is Old or New Testament. And to those teachers and pastors truth and life impactors, if you are with us, you ought not be against us, but can we stand on His word and prevail against the ignorance this church prefers. We may disagree on certain things and that is okay to a degree, but can we say that the Bible is for His glory and praise and the days are short so join a cohort and let us take the sword off the mantle urging our brothers to the holy hill our fill. Come, let us go to the word of the Lord together. Let us ask every question we can like I do with my love and she does with me. Please, if the church has no questions, surely she will have no answers.


I don’t know if I am more concerned that the church does not have answers or that it has been bred to consider questions of theology as irrelevant. 

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