A Split Second

One moment I merely stood,

listening to everything and nothing,

when there you suddenly were.

Small, unimportant, fragile,

and utterly beautiful.


It took me awhile to figure out how you should grow.

If you would charge forward or hang back

lingering with me for as long as possible.

Then you were there

and I knew just how you would be.


I was working, molding.

Figuring out how you would look,

how you would act,

when suddenly a random idea spurred me on

and it took place as part of you.


You were growing ever so fast,

with more and more dimensions

deciding how you would be,

how you would feel;

the summation of your existence.


Then a noise.

A sound of sorts,

a moment where my attention was divided.

One split second

and you were gone.


Did you really just blink away

without a moment of hesitation.

Out of thought,

out of mind

as if you had never existed.


Or did you go somewhere down

far, far away from me.

Scurrying quickly,

burying yourself deep

in the fog webs of my subconscious.


Do I praise you too much,

even now?

Were you a bad thought to begin with?

Were you a horrible idea,

and is it good you’re no longer mine?


In the end,

I suppose all these possibilities

aren’t that important.

I won’t know for sure

unless I get a split second,

one that will bring you back to me.

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