Mon, 06/09/2014 - 11:47 -- Nimbalo


A divide in the road, fanning both ways.

Two separate and unique paths.

These bleak surroundings are too much to bear,

And although I must move on,

I can’t help stand and stare,

Wondering if this darkness is everywhere.

If I choose this path, will I regret the other?

Man has but one life to use,

And the number of paths he can take are infinite.

These bittersweet choices now face me head on

As I choose.

I wish to travel both paths,

Feeling the traveller’s pains they both must inevitably bear,

But if I go one, I know I won’t return to live the other.

So I sit, as darkness enfolds,

Pondering my path as I wish I could for eternity,

My heart and my mind already split.



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