Splice the main brace

80 proof poured down his throat.

A captain on the bottle…

Demon water in his body


Perception muddled

Judgment kaput

Steps turned to stumbles.


Three in the morning

The ship docked,

Too limp to straighten his knees.


His mate’s piggy backed him up the plank

Golden chunks saturated his white polo.

His glassy sea foam eyes stared into the horizon


The door opened, his mothers’ head dropped.

Taken back by his condition, she awakened her Neptune

Storm clouds brewed into existence with every curse


The crashing waves reflecting his rage

Disappointment filled the air;

He fell overboard.


His incomprehensive words poured out like the vomit that followed.

He choked and coughed in search for air,

Panicked, forced to hold his dead weight.


Strapped to a gurney, he boarded his new ship,

Brother and sister kept watch from the topmast.

The lights gyrated as it sailed away.


They tried comforting his young stomach

As he laid on the berth,

Neptune, firmly planted by his side.


Long tubing shoved carefully down his dripping nose;

Saline trickled into his poisoned stomach.

Final salutes to his Golden Captain.






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My family
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