spiritual warfare

everyday i walk out throught the shadows of the valleys of death

there is war that rages on that's becoming a ritual

where evil lurks and strikes on the weak

God is with me , i'm with Him

therefore, we bear fruit

last night

i had a dream that intensify the intensity of the dream

where satan continues to hate my love to The Lord

i was dreaming that i woke up late for work

i rushed out the house

as i hail a cab in the bronx, i told the driver i needed to go to brooklyn

as he was driving, he drove along the FDR drive

he made a turn and went down a tunnel

he makes a pit stop at what it appears to be a studio and drank coffee

i'm telling this cat, i have to be at work

he turns to my face looking like a norman bates from psycho

my spirits was under attack

i kept asserting myself in saying 

in the name of Jesus, i rebuke you

in this same dream

i was choking and squeezing the neck of satan

as hard as i did

i kept saying in the name of Jesus, i rebuke you

in the name of Jesus, i cast you out

in the name of Jesus, i cast you out

in that same process (i'm dreaming), i felt my hands squeezing the life out of satan

afterwards, my hands grip nothing

the enemy lost because The Lord awaken me 

i was spirtually exhausted because i just fought a war

God, The Lord, & The Holy Spirit was with me

i woke up feeling sluggish, but shook it off because i remember that the enemy lost at the cross

today's word spoke to me

in 1st peter, chapter 5 verse 8 & 9 states

be sober, be vigilant

because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion (with no teeth)

seeking whom he may devour

resist him

steadfast in the faith

knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world

Lord, You are not lying!



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Amen. Victory is only attained through the Lord and his power. Something i need to remember.

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the enemy lost at the cross to Christ

since we're believers of The Lord, brace for all sorts of persecution from the world

it's essential to be firm with your faith


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This is so true, the walk with Christ is a daily battle.. Very relatable piece 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for support

read the world hates me.........it's a new piece i wrote


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