The Spirit of the Horses

The water to drink, to quench my thirst, 

Is only as good as long the river flows

The food to eat, to nourish my body, 

Is only as good as the time it knows.


The roof to cover, to shelter my head,

Is only as good as the way it stands

The bed to comfort, to bring my sleep, 

Is only as good as the night at its hands.


Take far from me the food to eat,

And same for all my resources.

One thing only makes me breath,

The spirit of the horses.


It burns my heart in flaming wonder,

Seals off the void of wandering steps

While keeping the fire in me to saunter,

Consers the fight of which it's kept.


Untamable the mustangs soar,

Amongst their deafening hoof beats

My helpless hand held 'round the war, 

To their rythm fast my heart beats.


The fastest crown could ne'er outrun

This dragon's breathing fire.

Sleek in beauty could not outshine,

The race my soul desire.


If this night I die, if I surrender,

All other things do pass me by

Except the sound of my forever,

Alas I run with the horses' cry.


I'd give up heaven's ties,

To the devil I'd sell my own soul

So that not one could keep far from my eyes,

The sight I might behold.


Breathing snorting flying tails

Darting eyes dare you moves

Wind need not be in my sails,

For I am willed to stay amongst the thunderous hooves.


This love to which I cannot flee

Holds captive my eyery thought.

I am the one who will succeed,

This love cannot be bought.


Lay down to rest my weary head

In this peaceful growling storm.

A tear of mine I shall not shed,

For in this hurricane I was born.

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