Spilled Thoughts, Soupy Mind

Whose blessing like an aimless leaf

I believe that juice is what makes me reckless

I fall in love too quick

A smile and i'm gooey with the knees

You laugh at a joke I hardly speak

and it's night I weep

Cause the words are getting harder to say 

Specially falling in and out love

When you don't feel the same way


It's depressing 

There's no goal in this message

Just saying i''m a troubled soul

Whose heart is always getting disrespected

and i'm trapped inside the mind that's overactive at night

but idle in the daylight

I keep trying but im losing myself to these deadly weapons

It's refreshing to have a night when i'm not tugging on an inebrieating beverage

Accept you in the flesh and

Heart light and all cause after all the alcohol won't help the fall

and i'm staying up looking at the stars

Lost soldiers who didn't know who to call

Im wondering if the dirt's my destiny

but imma keep on trying love if it's the death of me

Ease this pain especially

The pain when these people kept on pressuring me

To quit the cup and fall in love

To hopefully see a new light

At night am I what you're thinking of

Or am I wasting my time 

Thinking this relationship we have is sublime

Tryna make sense of these senseless rhymes


In the end you won't even be a friend

Unheard are my words and my heart will hurt

Makes me want to punch the sky, get high, and optionally die

Opting out this life's the cowards' move 

But im caught up in these lies and whether was it a power move

Addiction will devour you

Obssession will devour

Overpower you

I hate love

Cause all Mother Venus has done

Is slash out my heart and the Devil has won

I'm out my mind

Have my Lord show me a sign

It seems i've been stuck in a dream

Roaming this Earth with intentions blind

Love to throw up the love for the drug

Tryna put me in a daze

Well I don't care 

Cause its been taken ahold anyway

It ain't fair

Support begins to doubt it and I get downsome

Because at night all of my troubles get to surrounding me

and tonights the night I fight my last fight to call it quits and get over you

With these spilled thoughts and a soupy mind

This poem is about: 
Our world


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