Sun, 07/28/2013 - 23:43 -- DYang7

I find I am more and more in need of that peace that comes between
waking up and speaking the first words for the day, that peace that comes as the rush of hot water from the shower head runs
through my scalp and body as I stand there half-asleep and half-awake
trying to soak in the morning shower, that peace, in the back seat of the car where my thoughts scatter into
streets and highways,  that peace that envelops me as the sun is at perhaps 15 to 20 degrees
from my standing point--not too high to shine through the window and not
too low that the trees obscure it--shining golden upon me and joyously 
laughing silently with me, that peace that, in the setting of the sun, the sky dims and a thin blue gray
veil covers me and makes me feel sleepy, that peace that crops up and sits comfortably in other more cherished parts 
of my life that I would like to keep to myself for broadcasting it might destroy
it... is like a spell,  like a world away from this one, where I feel I am my own person.



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