This Special Place in Your Heart

  There's Someone knocking at the door,
Never going to go away
Time and time again you hear Him,
Keep asking to come in and stay.

For however long it takes,
For you to open up the door,
Is just another moment
You will crave Him even more.

When you finally let Him in,
Listen to what He has to say.
He will touch other people's lives,
Including your own every day.

This special place inside your heart,
An empty hole before He came.
But now that He has entered in,
Your life will never be the same.

You try to do your very best,
And follow His every command.
He shows love, friendship, and mercy,
More than you could understand.

So in this very special place,
He has filled your heart to the brim.
Bringing your life to a new light,
Out from where it has lately been.



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