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Being special

everyone says that is what they are

everyone strives to be it

but in the end they are all normal

something that I strived for

the people with the title of special don't understand how it is viewed

they understand that it is something they have, but don't want

the true people with the tittle 'special' don't want it


I beleive they would give it away faster than a heartbeat

so that the truly who wish for the title can have it

but in the end, the people who are normal don't understand the special that they want

the hatred, the looks, the words

oh god the words

the normal hate people who are special

cause they are something that they are not

but the special don't hate the normal

because they praise them

admire them

want to be them

but that is something 

something that could can't be

the poeple who are special could never be

cause they are not

cause they say

so they stay quite and tried to stay behind the crowds of the flocking normals

studying them

watching them

mimicing them

but in the end it would always feel fake

in the end they just get rediculed by trying to be them

like a sheep trying to be the shepard's dog

then the dog continueing to eat the imposter

I must have tasted good

a special can never be normal

they are trapped by a web of their own doings

they make it happen to them selfs

they start to hate the maker of the web

the start to want to destroy the maker

they start to just hate and hate because that is what they see everyday

ohhhhhhhhhhh, I hated myself

but the thing the specials don't understand is how to escape the web

it's truly a simple solution

their the spiders!

they can tranverse the web that they make

shift it to something can be

and the thing that most people forget to do

leave the web

the only thing that makes special and normal is the ideas of each groups

in the end we just need to understand that no one is special

no one is normal

we are we

I am I

we live on a blue dot

so why not just all be the things we are




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