Speaking in Tongues

Sitting in the classroom my peers all stare
"Where are you going?"
"How will you get there?"
The questions spin and swirl in my head
I want to go to the places in the books I've read
Italy, Belgium, Iran and Spain
I want to see their colors and I want to feel their pain
Russia, China, Denmark and France
I want to know their story, to be part of their dance
India, Scotland, Portugal and Greece
I want to understand war, to know true peace
I want to travel, I want to see
To be part of something that isn't me
Speaking in tongues
My journey's only begun
I wish to see other cultures, see something new
I wish to see how they fell, see how they grew
For if I understand the world I know
I can help it, nurture it and make it grow
Language is a barrier, language is a glue
Language is the key to learning something new
About the world, the earth that we all must share
The people who smile, the people who cry there
By speaking these tongues I not only help me
By speaking these tongues I can also help you


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