Speak For Yourself, Or Someone Else Will

Sun, 06/09/2013 - 00:19 -- Myther

I have learned to speak
because if you are quiet
if you try the back road
then someone tries to speak for you
and drive with no input from you
If you do not speak for yourself
then someone speaks for you
they make you
funny and clever
or bitter and mean
if you do not open your mouth
if you do not move your body
someone interprets for you
and they do not say
what you do
they do not say what you think
they say what they see
and if you do not speak
if you do not correct them
you do no service to yourself
but when you do speak beware
if you raise your voice to loud
if you too
try to speak for those who fall silent
your voice with be lost
in the clamor and hustle
I have learned to speak
and I speak for myself
not for my family
not for my friends
I speak for myself
I speak for my mind
If I stay quiet
the assumptions don't fade
instead they become an image of me
that I did not endorse
that I did not hold the brush for
I stand up and speak
and I speak for myself
Because only I
can speak and interpret
for me


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